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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for the AI Agent Platform. This guide will lead you through the steps of using the Xircuits Agent Studio to create, configure, and deploy an AI agent or service on our platform.

Step 1: Access Xircuits Agent Studio

Begin by accessing the Xircuits Agent Studio to create or edit your agent or service workflows.

  1. Log In: Access the XpressAI platform by logging in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Xircuits: In the sidebar, locate and click on the "Xircuits" tab.
  3. Open Agent Studio: Click on "Open Agent Studio". A new window will open, displaying the Xircuits interface.

Step 2: Choose or Create a Workflow

In the Xircuits Agent Studio, you can either start with a pre-existing workflow or create a new one from scratch.

  1. Select a Workflow: Browse the available Xircuits workflows. Choose one that closely matches your needs and click to open it. Examples are typically found in their respective component library directories. To access them, right-click the component library header and select 'Show Example'.

    For example, here is how you open an example workflow from the converse component library:

    Opening an Example

  2. Copy Example to Root Directory: To ensure your new chatbot is recognized by the platform, the workflow file must reside in the base working directory. You can manually move the file or use the right-click context menu Copy to Root Directory option.

Moving Workflow to Base Working Directory

  1. Edit Parameters: Edit the parameters of each component to meet your specific needs.

    Editing Workflow in Xircuits

    For users looking to create a new workflow from scratch:

    • Create New Workflow: Opt to start a new workflow within the Xircuits interface if you prefer to build from the ground up.
    • Learn More: We're provided a tutorial for your first workflow from scratch.
    • Learn Even More: For detailed instructions on creating workflows, visit the Xircuits Documentation.
    • Use the Xircuits Assistant for Component Creation: If you can't find the component you're looking for, the Xircuits Assistant can help you create it.

    The Xircuits Chat Assistant

Step 4: Deploy Your Agent or Service

With your workflow ready, you can now deploy it as an AI agent or service. If you used the Converse component library, deploy it as an Agent. If you used the Flask component library, it can be deployed as a Service.

For more information, visit the Agents or Services page.

Step 5: Interact with Your Live Agent or Service

Congratulations! Your agent or service is now live. Begin interacting with it and monitoring its performance.

  • Access: Use the provided interface on the XpressAI platform to interact with your live agent or service.
  • Monitor and Iterate: Monitor performance through logs and, if necessary, return to the Xircuits Agent Studio to make adjustments and redeploy for optimal results.

Thank you for using the AI Agent Platform and Xircuits Agent Studio. We're excited to see the innovative solutions you create!