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The Agents section of our platform is dedicated to showcasing your active agents. This space not only allows you to view your agents but also offers a suite of interactive features. You can engage with your agents through a simple chat interface, view their operational logs, and manage their status by restarting or stopping them as needed.

The Agents Page

Creating and Interacting with Agents

To initiate a new agent, simply click on the Create Agent button. The platform then guides you through the agent creation process, which leverages Converse Components from the XAI Converse library. Note that only Xircuits files containing components from the converse library are displayed as possible agent options.

Creating a New Agent

Once your agent is up and running, engaging with it is straightforward. By selecting the Chat option, you can start a direct conversation with your agent, testing its capabilities and responses in real-time.

Conversing with Your Agent

Monitoring Agent Performance

Understanding your agent's performance is crucial, and our platform makes it easy. The Log feature provides a window into your agent's operational environment, displaying the logs generated by the container hosting your agent.

This comprehensive view ensures you have all the tools at your disposal to manage, interact with, and monitor your agents effectively, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and engagement.

Enhanced Interaction with Technologic

For a more dynamic interaction with your agent, you can utilize Technologic. Simply click on the provided URL associated with your agent. This action will redirect you to a Technologic session, offering an alternative, enriched environment for engaging with your agent. This feature is particularly useful for testing complex dialogues or integrating additional interactive elements.

Conversing with Your Agent using Technologic