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Your First Xircuits Workflow

Welcome to your introduction to creating workflows in Xircuits! This quick guide is designed to help you craft a simple "Hello World" workflow, perfect for getting your feet wet. The aim here is to familiarize you with the Xircuits environment and workflow basics; we'll dive into more advanced topics in subsequent tutorials.

Step 1: Starting with AI Studio

From the platform, open the Agent Studio and opt to create a new Xircuits workflow. You'll land on a blank canvas, ready for your first project. Remember, the essence of Xircuits is to connect a Start node to a Finish node, executing everything in between.

Creating a New Xircuits Workflow

Step 2: Exploring the Component Library

The sidebar is home to the component library, a crucial toolkit for constructing workflows. It comprises both pre-installed and remote components, with the latter shown in white. To integrate a remote library, right-click it and select 'Install Library'. Watch the terminal window for installation progress; the library icon will turn blue upon completion.

Installing Component Libraries in Xircuits

Step 3: Crafting Your Workflow

Use the search bar in the component library to find the Print component and drag it onto your canvas.


Access detailed information about each component by clicking the i icon at its top right. This provides quick insights and usage tips. For a deeper dive, right-click the component and select Open Script to view and understand its underlying code.

Connecting the Components Together

Connect the Start node to Print, and then link Print to Finish. With your workflow structured, compile and run it from the toolbar.

Step 4: Adding Your Personal Touch

Running the workflow as is will output:

Executing: Print

This happens because the Print component needs a message. Drag a Literal String component into your workflow and connect it to the Print component's msg port. Save and rerun your workflow to witness your own custom message in action.

Extra: Using The Xircuits Chat Assistant

If you're searching for a specific component and can't find it, the Xircuits Chat Assistant is here to help. Ask the Assistant for the component you need, and it will guide you through creating it. Once generated, you can save the new component to a library.

The Xircuits Chat Assistant

Following the Assistant's prompts, the new component will be ready for immediate use in your workflow.


You've just completed and executed your first Xircuits workflow. This introductory tutorial merely scratches the surface of what's possible with Xircuits. Stay tuned for more advanced tutorials that will further enhance your understanding and capabilities.