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API Tokens

The API Token page shows you a list of tokens you have created and what they allow you to access. At the moment, you can only create Data Access Tokens.

To create a new data access token, click the "Add new Data Access token" button.

Token Types and Privileges

The XpressAi Platform Vecto API uses three types of tokens to manage access to various operations: PUBLIC, USAGE, and ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT. Each token type has different privileges.

Lookup Data
Ingest Data
Edit Data and Attribute
Management Operations
Metrics Operations
Creating, Modifying, Deleting Tokens
Creating, Modifying, Deleting Vector Spaces
Token Types

The rule of the thumb is:

  • PUBLIC: Only performs lookups. Ideal for general, public-facing applications where only data lookups is necessary.
  • USAGE: Suitable for applications that require read and edit capabilities but do not need to manage vector spaces or tokens.
  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Essential for administrative purposes, including account management, metrics analysis, and full control over vector spaces and tokens.

You have the ability to set PUBLIC and USAGE tokens to grant access to multiple specified vector spaces, while ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT tokens automatically have access to all vector spaces.

Choose the token type based on the needs of your application, keeping in mind the specific capabilities and restrictions of each token type in the API.