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The Xircuits shows you all your top-level Xircuits files. You can click on any one of them to open them in the Xpress AI Agent Studio.

The Xircuits Page

Or you can click on the Agent Studio Icon to open the Agent Studio to create new ones.

Xircuits streamlines the creation of training workflows with a visual, low-code approach. It transforms the development of executable Python code, making advanced data science workflows accessible to all skill levels.

As a core component of the XpressAI platform, Xircuits empowers users to construct sophisticated AI agents and services through intuitive workflows. This guide outlines the essentials to get you started with Xircuits, from setup to execution.

Getting Started

  1. Log In: Access the XpressAI platform by logging in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Xircuits: In the sidebar, locate and click on the "Xircuits" tab.
  3. Open Agent Studio: Click on "Open Agent Studio". A new window will open, displaying the Xircuits interface.

In the Xircuits Agent Studio, you can either start with a pre-existing workflow or create a new one from scratch.

Building Workflows

  1. Drag components from the Xircuits Component Tray to assemble your workflow.
  2. Connect components using inPorts and outPorts to define the data flow.
  3. Use the Compile button to convert your visual workflow into executable Python code.
  4. Execute the workflow within Xircuits or export the code for external use.

Integration with XpressAI

Workflows created in Xircuits are seamlessly integrated into the XpressAI platform, enabling deployment as AI agents or services. After crafting your workflow:

  1. Save the .xircuits file and note its location.
  2. Within the XpressAI platform, navigate to the Agent or Service deployment section.
  3. Upload or reference your Xircuits workflow file during the deployment process.

Advanced Usage

Component Libraries

For specialized tasks, you may need to install additional component libraries:

xircuits install <library_name>

This command integrates new components into your Xircuits environment, expanding your workflow capabilities.

Collaboration and Sharing

Xircuits facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share .xircuits files and component libraries. Simply share your files with colleagues to enable them to load your workflows or use your custom components.


For comprehensive guides on creating custom components, workflow best practices, and troubleshooting, visit Xircuits Documentation.


Encounter challenges or have questions? Reach out through the XpressAI platform support channels or consult the Xircuits community forums for assistance.