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The Data page is your central hub for managing vector spaces within the platform. Vector spaces function akin to database tables, equipped with the capability for AI-driven search functionalities.

The Data Page

Each vector space is detailed with the following attributes:

  • id: The unique identifier for your vector space.
  • Name: The designated name of your vector space.
  • Entries: The total count of entries stored within the vector space.
  • Model: The specific AI model employed for data ingestion. Note: Each vector space is associated with a single model.
  • Indexing: The tally of data indexing operations conducted.
  • Lookups: The count of lookup queries executed against the vector space.

To expand your data management capabilities, you can create a new vector space by selecting the "Create new vector space" button.

For a deeper dive into vector spaces and their functionalities, consider exploring the Vecto developer documentation available at