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For our paid users, the platform offers the flexibility to manage multiple projects. This feature allows you to organize your work more efficiently and tailor your environment to each specific task or team.

Switching Between Projects

The platform includes a convenient project selector dropdown, enabling you to effortlessly switch between your various projects. You can access and manage your projects through the Projects menu located within the Settings.

Switch Projects

Managing Projects

To view or manage your projects, navigate to the Settings and then proceed to the Projects section. This page displays all projects: those you own, those you are a member of, and any projects to which you've been invited.

The Projects Page

Creating New Projects

Creating a new project is straightforward. Simply click on create new project and fill in the necessary details such as Project Name and Project Domain (note that the domain must be unique).

Creating a New Project

During the creation process, you'll have the option to choose a project template or create a new one from scratch. Additionally, you can specify a URL to a custom project template hosted on GitHub, offering further customization for your project setup.